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Meet the Innovators: DoLoCo

We caught up with Xin Wang of DoLoCo, one of this year’s FinCapDev Finalist Teams, to get her back story, what got her into fintech and what problem her product is out to solve…                

FinCapDev Finalists at NYPAY (9/30, NYC) , The Bay Pay Forum (10/2, Silicon Valley)

      On September 30 the NYPAY team will host FinCapDev and the five eastern FinCapDev finalist teams (based in Chicago, Boston, and New York) as they demo their apps at Deloitte’s 30 Rock offices. Demoing FinCapDev Finalists are… BeThrifty: facilitates otherwise unavailable bulk purchases by small groups, allowing individuals to buy staple goods at […]

Meet the Innovators: Rezzcard

Next up in our FinCapDev Meet the Innovators Series is 2014 FinCapDev Finalist Team lead Alex Cooper of Rezzcard. Enjoy!


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