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Driving Downloads: Partnerships

Building a customer base from scratch is hard. If there was a perfect solution, every company on the planet would employ it. But as this series as intimated, building a customer base (or in the case of FinCapDev context, driving downloads) requires a number of strategies. And it requires even more testing of those strategies. […]

Driving Downloads: Content Strategy

Content is King If you do any sort of business that’s dependent upon the web, you’ve undoubtedly heard that marketing phrase thrown about before. And guess what? It’s true. An intelligent, tactical content strategy can significantly move the needle—especially when laser-focused. But what goes into a content strategy? And how do you build one? This […]

Meet the Innovators: DoLoCo

We caught up with Xin Wang of DoLoCo, one of this year’s FinCapDev Finalist Teams, to get her back story, what got her into fintech and what problem her product is out to solve…                


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