Meet the Innovators: Eric Leslie, Union Capital Boston

This week we sat down with FinCapDev Finalist team member Eric Leslie of Union Capital Boston to learn more about what they’re building and the problem their out to solve. Before viewing, here’s a quick overview: Union Capital is a loyalty program for low-income families that will reward users’ community involvement in schools, businesses, health centers, […]

Study: Benefits of Innovative Information Technology in the Banking Industry

Conducted by the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, New York University’s Stern School of Business and Management, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts North-Western Switzerland, the Business Transformation Academy (Basel, Switzerland) and SAP SE, The Benefits of Innovative Information Technology in the Banking Industry study uncovered various trends in banking, most notably from a FinCapDev […]

Meet FinCapDev Finalist, Vincent Turner of Planwise

In our first installment of this year’s Meet the Innovators series, we sat down with FinCapDev Finalist, Vincent Turner to hear about how he got into fintech, the problem he’s tackling, what he’s building, and more. Check it out!            


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